Brian Baldwin


The Artist.

History: I began drawing at an early age and continued throughout my childhood and teens. At 17, I began life drawing classes. My early influences were the Impressionists and I followed them by painting outdoors in the summer and winter at Richmond and Hampstead Heath.
At my art school my subsidery subject was etching. I became interested in etching and I spent many hours working in the print room. After leaving art school I worked as a printer in a number of studios such as Editions Electo and Kelpra studio in London. I printed editions for many well known artists such as Jim Dine, John Hoyland, Joe Tilson, Liz Frink, Ken Kiff
Bernard Cohen, John Piper, Patrick Proctor, Sydney Nolan, and many others.
I spent a number of years restoring engravings from the Natural History Museum, “Banks”  Florilegium. At this time I worked mainly in pastels. My pastel work helped me from my Impressionist style to a more expressionist Fauve type style.
Expressionist art gave me more creative freedom as I was no longer fixed to what was in front of me.Education: St Martin’s School of Art. Foundation Course. 1972-73. Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. BA Fine Art Honours Degree. 1974-77. Publications: The Pastel Society  Painting and Drawing 1898-2000. Entries for 1992 and 95.
Entries for 2001,02,03, 04, 05,07,09. Alley Gallery 2000. History Museum,” Banks” Florilegium. Featured in Interesting Times a net magazine.

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