Brian Baldwin the highgate painter

Brain Baldwin…….the Highgate painter

History: I began drawing at an early age and continued throughout my childhood and teens. At 17, I began life drawing classes. Early influences were the Impressionists. Paints outdoors in the summer and winter at Richmond and Hampstead Heath.
After leaving art school he worked as a printer in a number of studios such as Editions Electo and Kelpra studio in London. I printed editions for many well-known artists such as Jim Dine, John Hoyland, Joe Tilson, Liz Frink, Ken Kiff,Bernard Cohen, John Piper, Patrick Proctor, Sydney Nolan, and many others.He spent a number of years restoring engravings from the Natural History Museum, Banks”  Florilegium. At this time he worked mainly in pastels. He feels pastel work helped him from Impressionist style to a more expressionist Fauve type style.
Expressionist art gave him more creative freedom as he feels he was no longer fixed to what was in front of me.

Education: St Martin’s School of Art. Foundation Course. 1972-73. Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. BA Fine Art Honours Degree. 1974-77.

Publications: The Pastel Society  Painting and Drawing 1898-2000. Entries for 1992 and 95.
Entries for 2001,02,03, 04, 05,07,09. Alley Gallery 2000. History Museum,” Banks” Florilegium. Featured in Interesting Times a net magazine.

Interview conducted on 2nd December 2012 in his home.

How long have you being painting portraits?

Since I was 17…….he is around 60 years old now

Do you feel your paintings have historical value?

Yes I manage to capture the local landscapes and building which may change over time.

When you paint the lady walking away what are you trying to achieve?

Mystery…..a story

Could you tell me the story of this lady?

She is walking with back to painter as about to enter that garden of her house There is a light in the window…this reflects that someone is waiting for her. What will happen to her…we don’t know once she has walked in the door.

It’s not easy choosing a location that is suitable. In the painting the colour needs to reflect the mood and balance. Always use a focal point. The moon, the trees, a person or a house.  It reflects the area and the time we are living in.

How do you know if you have a achieved a good portrait?

As I feel there is no more I can do to it. 

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