facebook project

“People tend to rely more on other-generated information than self-generated information when forming impressions,” Hong said. “In other words, opinions of other people matter more than the target person’s own self-presentation.:

Seoyeon Hong, a doctoral student, conducted the research along with Kevin Wise, an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and other doctoral students.

Facebook was originally designed as a method for students to communicate over the intranet.

Research of grouping and friendship show that race is strongly related to social ties. In particular, blacks and Asians have disproportionately more same race friends than would arise from the random selection of friends.

Trey Ratcliff is a travel photographer.

He believes in his paper ‘essay-a-universal-language-of-images’, that image is changing the way we have started to communicate with each other. He claims that today we start to communicate without words very often and use the internet to and facebook for example to tell our story. We record our experiences and share ideas very quickly with imagery.

He further states,”There are no letters, no symbology, no Phoenician, no Sumerian or Aramaic or Sanskrit, no Eastern ideograms, and no Roman alphabet we know today. In this parallel universe, no advanced civilization goes through the trouble of using a pen and paper to describe an idea or concept or a story, because it is easier and more efficient for everyone to quickly create images.

It does appear that these modern images and uses cross ages, race and literary capacity. As we are all now equipped with cameras on our mobile devises we can share the story we want to share with the world immediately.

It is the new language of communication to share and express what is important to us.

Is this version of reality made up or a snap shot of imagery to illustrate our mod, standing or reflection?


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