2 thoughts on “South Of India

  1. very good display of still images aranged in the form of a montage, I like how the shots move through time. You could have extended your experiments, by creating your own ambient sound effect.

    1. Roxanne I have had no assistance learning final cut pro so I did a crash course in Logic but sadly it is far too much to learn two programmes of this dynamic on my own. I too have a home to run as I am not a school child with parents feeding me.

      The challenges to simply prepare a piece of work meant i had to spend loads of time on my own experimenting.

      The noise in the class room made it impossible for me to sit through class after class. I need a certain amount of order with my dyslexia most times I could not hear my self think let alone work.

      But thanks for the comments although it is very late in the day

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