South Of India Analysed

South of India


I took the path of looking at what a portrait aims to achieve. I found that the painters, photographers and film makers were telling a story about the culture and life of the subject.

As I did not have convenient access to the programmes for film making and gaining access to a video camera was not convenient I accepted the challenge by utilising what I had and what I could present.

The project used photographs I had in India. By utilising Stupeflix , a simple possible unorthodox method of presenting the project, I was able to achieve the look of a video and present the culture in an easy to watch portrait of India.

Steps were

Select themes

Add Photos and graphics: By selecting photos in a specific order I was able to take the visitor on a journey through India.

Add sound: The music definitely made a difference to the message and added to the overall ambience and delivery of the projected culture of India.

Naturally the perfect environment would have been a good quality video with matching editing tools.

The overall effect was achieved.

A portrait of India in all its glory

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