creating an advert

Create your first ad campaign

The first time you create an ad campaign, AdWords guides you through several steps where you’ll choose your ad campaign’s settings, write your first ad, and selectkeywords that you think your customers would use when they’re searching for information related to your products or services. Thinking about your customers’ preferences, habits, and traits can help you choose the right settings for your campaign – settings that can influence whether your ads reach the right people.

Picturing your customer

Create a mental profile of your audience or your customers. Here are some important areas to consider about your customers’ preferences and behavior:

  • Words and phrases they use to search online
  • Type of devices they use to browse the web
  • Favorite websites
  • Geographical location
  • Whether they tend to email you or call your business phone number


Before you dive into your first campaign, think about who your customers are, how much you want to spend to reach them with your ads, and what results you’re expecting for your campaign to be a success.

Creating a campaign

Choose campaign settings based on your audience or customer profile. You’ll also select the budget you want to spend each day to show your ads:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click Create your first campaign.

    Create your first campaign

  3. You’ll be taken to the “Select campaign settings” page. Choose your campaign settings.


    Networks? Devices? Extensions? The settings you choose here cover three basic areas related to your ad.


  4. Click Save and continue. You can edit your campaign settings at any time.

Creating your ad and choosing keywords

After you’ve saved your campaign settings, you’ll be taken to the “Create ad and keywords” page. 


While you can choose from multiple ad formats, newer advertisers may want to begin their AdWords journey with text ads. Writer’s block? Discover tips for creating successful ads.

  1. In the “Create an ad” section, select “Text ad” and type in your headline, description,display URL, and destination URL. Both URLs should come from the same website.

    Text Ad

  2. In the “Keywords” section, enter a list of 10-20 keywords. You can add more keywords later. Learn how to choose keywords when you create a campaign.
  3. Click Save and continue to billing. You’ve just created your first text ad campaign!

Watch this video

Setting Up An AdWords Account


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