Sticks and Stones by Trezza Azzopardi script

INT. Bedroom – morning

Lewis lays on his bed

In His dream he races to the top of the dune and looks down towards the sea. He looks up and and down the shore.

He looks down the dunes and jumps into the air

He touches his bottom lip and runs his fingers across his chin.

Int: Landing – Morning

Mother stands in her cleaning clothes and hair pinned up in curlers. She raises her voice as if to call Lewis.


There is a letter for you (scratches her head) do you want breakfast

Lewis footsteps can be heard on the stairs.


I’ve put it on the table. (in excited voice)

Int: Back of the house -Morning

She has a woolen shawl wrapped around her nightie, and pink slippers on her feet. She looks unbearably frail.

Lewis enters with cup of tea

Mother looks over the sea at light over the sea: ”

Mother :

The days are getting longer.

Lewis carries letter to top of landing and opens letter.


He lies in bed remembering the bullying of the new boys and how they simply were not going to fit in. He lay for some time in bed looking into the distance. He gets up and rummages through the set of draws and finds a pebble. He licks it.

EXT.Beach -afternoon 6 months before

The three boys where walking with rods down the rod. He was scared and jumped off the concrete defence. He was found later with broken arm lying on the beach. He was found by the very boys that he feared.

INT: BACK OF THE HOUSE – Afternoon a short while after the accident

Mother : If they hadn’t been there fishing, you could have lay there ’til the tide came in. They saved your life.

He knew no-one ever believed him.

Mother: It’s all in your mind.


He lies down on the floor. He decided he will stop running.


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